People either think inside the box or outside the box.
However for Mickey Silver, “THERE IS NO BOX”!! 

Mickey has always understood that to create the impossible 
he first has to think the impossible. And to even consider
thinking the impossible he has to believe it with his whole
heart and this is exactly what he does to make his
sleight of hand look like real MAGIC. What this man does with
his hands will make you seriously question your own senses,
and cause you to wonder whether his magic is real or supernatural.

Mickey Silver was born in South Boston, MA.  At a young age he showed a huge fascination for making things disappear. By the age of 4 he was spending countless hours playing on his kid-sized pool table but he
wasn't learning to play pool. No, he was learning to make the pool balls disappear. But it didn't stop there; he grew his fascination to making other things, like coins, disappear. As he grew older and perfected his sleight of hand skill, he put his talent to work in the most amazing ingenious ways he ever thought possible.

 Then as he got older and more proficient he found bigger and more challenging ways to utilize this magnificent talent...Sleight-Of-Hand became his ticket to fame and fortune for 3 decades, but not performing magic the way most magicians do. Mickey Silver was an innocent young boy whose fascination and sleight of hand skill became so ultimately clever and powerful it developed into a way of life for him. His obsession with his talent drove him, unknowingly, into a world where power, greed, sex, jealousy, and murder were paramount; but not before he developed a foolproof sleight of hand technique that enabled him to make millions. Watch for his amazing true story, now in the works and soon to be released to the public for the first time ever.

 In 2003, Mickey turned this talent to the world of Magic. Today he is known as "The Human Slot Machine" and "The Hands of Las Vegas", performing his close-up magic for resorts, casinos, corporate events and private parties for the crème de la crème of celebrities. An international award-winning magician, Mickey has performed and lectured in other countries around the world to both professional and amateur magicians. He does things with his hands that others only wish they could do.

Today Mickey Silver owns homes in both Las Vegas and Boston, and divides his time between the two. He has been happily married for 34 years, and has 3 sons and 4 grandchildren.